What Does a Typical Bikini Comp Show Day Look Like?

As a first-time competitor, it can be challenging to discover what to expect on a show day. Therefore, to prevent you from spending countless hours watching YouTube vlogs (as I did before my first WBFF competition), I would like to provide you with two examples of a typical show day schedule for me, one for an AUS show and another for a US show. The FMG show format will be similar to previous WBFF AUS shows.

Gold Coast Show Day (WBFF Bikini - Amateur)

Australian WBFF show days have a 'two show' format. One show in the morning for 'pre-judging', where the judges do most of their marking, and one show in the evening where awards are handed out. The evening show is more entertaining for the audience. 

  • 5am: wakeup, stretch & check in with coach
  • 5.30am: Breakfast
  • 6am: head back stage
  • 6.30am: top coat tan
  • 7.15am: hair & makeup
  • 9am: Run through T-Walk on stage (practice)
  • 9.15am: Get dressed into bikini, take photos & chill out
  • 10.30am: Snack
  • 11am: Tan touch ups & quick pump up of glutes
  • 11.15am: Step on stage for T-walk, comparison rounds
  • 12pm: Head back to room for lunch
  • 2pm: Snack
  • 5pm: Night show gala
  • 7pm: T-Walk (bikini)
  • 9pm: Evening gown walk + Awards
  • 10pm: FOOD & celebrations!

Texas Show Day (WBFF Bikini - Amateur)

  • 6am: wakeup, stretch & check in with coach
  • 7am: Breakfast
  • 8am: Top coat tan (at host hotel)
  • 10am: Second meal
  • 11am: Hair & Makeup
  • 12.30pm: Lunch
  • 1pm: Practice run through posing routine at hotel
  • 1pm-3pm chill out (feet up)
  • 3.30pm: Head to venue and set up back stage
  • 4pm: Pre-show talk/T walk example
  • 5pm: Gala walk (in evening gowns)
  • 5.15pm: Change into bikini
  • 5.30pm: Bikini T-walk & comparison rounds on stage
  • 7pm: Evening gown round (I walk/comparisons) & awards
  • 8pm: Show finish, then new pro meeting
  • 9pm: FOOD & celebrations!

Remember, this is just an example. 
Your show day will be individual to you and what your coach programmes for you!

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